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How to use the VAIO computer as a CD player?

    Using the VAIO computer as a CD player.

    In order to save the power, the computer is set to enter into a hibernation state at default when the display panel is closed.

    To use the VAIO computer as a CD player with the display panel closed, some settings in Power Options need to be changed. Please refer to the following steps to change the settings in Power Options:

    1.  Click Start and click Control Panel.
    2.  Double-click Power Options and click Advanced.
    3.  Click the down arrow of When I close the lid of my portable computer and select Do nothing.
    4.  Click OK to close the Power Options dialog box.

    Once the above settings had been made, the VAIO computer can function as a CD player by using the DVD and Play/Pause buttons on the computer even when the display panel is closed.

    -  In order to change the power scheme options, be sure to log in as the Administrator or as a user with Administrative rights.
    -  If Power Options is changed to the above settings, when the display panel of the VAIO computer is closed, the system will not go into a Power-saving mode.