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Why can't the CD-RW/DVD drive be used/ejected?

    - The CD-RW/DVD drive cannot be used.
    - The CD-RW/DVD drive is not shown on My Computer.
    - The tray of the CD-RW/DVD drive does not work when the eject button is pressed.

    This symptom occurs when the power saving function of the built-in drive is activated.

    The message to turn off the power of the built-in drive will appear when the following settings are made on Power Panel.
    1. Select the Ultimate Battery Life profile of the battery operation.
    2. Setting the Optical Drive Power-Saving option from the the profile editor of PowerPanel to Yes.
    3. When Disable is selected on Other Devices-Optical Drive on VAIO Power Management.

    If Yes to the message is selected, the following message will appear and power will not be supplied to the drive. Therefore, the drive and the disc cannot be recognized.

    Msg: Optical Drive will be powered off to extend battery life.

    Please refer to the steps below to use the built-in CD-RW/DVD drive again:
    1. Connect the AC adaptor to the computer.
    The AC profile automatically appears.

    2. Change the profile.
    Select a profile except Ultimate Battery Life (or VAIO Ultimate Battery).

    3. Disable the Optical Drive Power-Saving option.
    From the profile editor of PowerPanel, set the Optical Drive Power-Saving option to OFF.

    3. Change the settings of the optical drive.
    A. For PowerPanel preinstalled models:
    - Set Other Devices-Optical Drive Power Saving to Off with the profile editor of PowerPanel.

    B. For VAIO Power Management preinstalled models:
    - Set Other Devices-Optical Drive to On on VAIO Power Management.

    - If the drive does not open, insert a thin object such as a paper clip into the eject hole and the drive will open. Be careful not to damage the drive.
    - On the PowerPanel preinstalled machines, Ultimate Battery Life is selected in the factory default state.