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How to update mouse or touch pad drivers using the keyboard?

Updating mouse or touch pad drivers by using keyboard when the mouse or touch pad does not work properly.

    Start the computer in Safe Mode to perform the operation.


    For Windows Vista users, please refer to the following related link.

    Please perform the following steps in Safe Mode.
    If users start the system in Normal Mode, please shut down the system first.

    How to shut down the system in Normal Mode?
    • Press the Windows key and key to select Shut Down.
    • Press Enter.
    • When the Shut Down interface appears,select OK using arrow keys,and press Enter.
    1. Start the computer in Safe Mode.

      When booting into Safe Mode, please press Enter to close any interfaces displaying.

    2. Press Windows the key,and then press key continuously to select My Computer,and then press application key.

    3. When start menu appears, press key to select Properties, and then press key Enter.


    4. Hold the Ctrl key and press Tab to select the Hardware tab.


    5. Press the Tab key to select Device Manager, and then press key Enter.


    6. When Device Manager appears, press the Tab key, and then press down arrow key to select Mice and other pointing devices.

    7. Press right arrow key to see more details.

    8. Press down arrow key to select the displaying items(※), and then press Delete.

      The screen differs from mouse and touch pads.


    9. When the Confirm Device Removal dialog box appears, select OK, and then press Enter.


    10. When the System setting has been changed dialog box appears, select Yesand then press key Enter.

      Different computer models have different interfaces displayed.
      Follow the steps below to restart Windows.

      How to restart Windows by using keyboard?

      After press the Windows key and the key, select Shut Down.

      Press Enter.

      when the Shut Down Windows dialog box appears,select Restart by using arrow keys, and then press Enter.

      After restarting Windows, performStep 14.


    11. Restart the Windows.

    12. After starting Windows, System setting has been changed appears, and then select Yes, pressing Enter.


    13. Restart Windows.
    14. After restarting the Windows, please install the identical drivers from Microsoft for the mouse and touch pad to function.
      If  third-party mouse is used, please install the drivers provided by the third-party company.

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