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What to do if the setting of power-saving (PowerPanel) cannot be saved?

    After user restarts the VAIO notebook, the power mode restores to its previous setting in Power Options. (The changes have not taken effect in power-saving mode.)
    The power options of the VAIO notebook need to be set up in PowerPanel.
    Although user completed the settings in Power Options in Control Panel, after the computer is restarted, the power mode will restore to the default Power Suite Scheme mode. At this moment,  PowerPanel setting is still being used.

    If user needs to set up power-using mode, please select Power Suite Scheme in Power Options, and then select Edit/New Mode in PowerPanel.
    Select the AC tab in the AC-Edit Configuration Files window and change Standby time setting.

    Please refer to the following for the detailed steps.

    1. Right-click PowerPanel in the notification area.
    2. Click Edit/New Mode.

      The AC-Mode Editor window appears.
    3. Click AC on the left side of the window, and then change the settings, such as standby timer, on the right side of the window
    4. Click Save in the Files menu.
    5. Click OK.