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Points to be checked when a CD-ROM drive is not recognized

    Points to be checked when a CD-ROM drive is not recognized

    - When I access the CD-ROM drive of my computer, the message "The device is not ready." appears and my access fails.
    - "My Computer" does not include the icon of the CD-ROM drive.

    Try to find out whether it results from the problem of hardware or software.

    - Check if the system can start with the supplied "Product Recovery CD-ROM".

    1. Mount the supplied "Product Recover CD-ROM No.1" to the CD-ROM drive and turn off the computer.

    2. Turn it on again. When "Product Recovery CD-ROM Restore Utility" starts, the hardware seems to operate

    - When the computer does not start with "Product Recovery CD-ROM"
    The CD-ROM drive might have some physical problems. Propose the user to pick up both the computer and the CD-ROM drive for inspection and/or repair.

    - When the computer starts with "Product Recovery CD-ROM"
    It stems from software problem. Try to trouble-shoot software problems.
    - Reinstall the driver of the CD-ROM drive
    1. Turn off the computer and remove all peripherals except the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Turn on the computer and then start Windows98 in Safe Mode by pressing the "Ctrl" key.
    3. When Windows98 starts up in Safe Mode, double-click the "System" icon on "Control Panel" and then click the "Device Manager" tab.
    4. When you double-click on "CD-ROM", a driver name appears under "CD-ROM". Click on it and then click the
    "Remove" button.
    5. When the "Confirm Device Removal" window appears, click the "OK" button to remove the driver.
    6. Close all the windows after you have removed it and click "Restart" from "Start"-"Shut Down" to restart the computer.
    7. When the computer restarts (the driver of the CD-ROM drive is automatically installed), insert a music CD into the CD-ROM drive to check if it works.

    * When you install the driver of the CD-ROM drive, set BIOS to the default value on the BIOS setup menu.
    (1) Press the "F2" key repeatedly while the SONY logo is displayed on the screen to open the "BIOS SetUp Utility" window.
    (2) Select "Exit"-"Get Default Value" and then press "Enter". When "Setup Confirmation" appears, click "Yes"
    on the dialog box.
    (3) Select "Exit"-"Exit (Save Changes)" and press "Enter". When "Setup Confirmation" appears, click "Yes" and then Windows starts automatically.

    - When the reinstallation of the driver does not improve the operation of the CD-ROM drive,

    You need to reinstall the entire Windows (Windows and a complete set of supplied software) with the product recovery CD-ROM.

    * When you execute full recovery with format (recovery to original shipped state), you will lose all the data on the hard disk drive. To avoid the loss of data, save the important data to an external media such as floppy disks.