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CDs does not autoplay when insert into CD-ROM drive.

    Why don't my CDs Autoplay anymore?

    It is possible to set the CD player to deselect the Autoplay feature. However, it is also possible for certain software applications to change the registry to disable this feature. To restore the Autoplay feature on your computer, take the following steps:

    Operation Procedure:
    1) Click [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel] , and double-click on the [System] icon.
    2) In the [System Properties] window, click on the [Device Manager] tab.
    3) Highlight and double-click on the [CD-ROM] category. A line should appear below this line describing the CD-ROM type.
    4) Click on the [Properties] button in the lower left corner of Device Manager.
    5) In the CD-ROm properties window, click on the [Settings] tab.
    6) Check to see if the [Auto insert notification] option is checked.
    7) If it is not checked, place a checkmark in the option box and restart the computer when Windows prompts you to do so.
    8) Place a CD equipped with Autoplay, into the CD-ROM drive and see if the CD starts by itself.