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How do I set up my Bravia TV for the first time? (other than Android TV™)

    This article illustrates how to set up your TV for the first time:

    1. Select your preferred language on the Language screen. In this instance, ENGLISH.

    2. Next, a Privacy Policy agreement will be displayed.
      NOTE: Please be aware that to continue with the TV setup and get the most out of your TV (such as software updates), you must scroll down to the bottom of the screen using the down arrow button, and then select the option Agree (Enable Smart TV) /  Disagree (Disable Smart TV). You must agree to the Sony Privacy Policy in order to receive software downloads.

    3. Next, set up your network connection on the Network Setup screen. You can select either Easy or Expert for a wireless connection using Wi-Fi, or a wired connection using a LAN cable. Select Skip to setup the network connection at a later time. In this instance, select Easy.

    4. If you are connecting using a wireless connection, the Network Setup – Wi-Fi Network screen is displayed. Select the desired wireless network to connect, and enter the password if needed. A connection waiting screen will be displayed as the TV attempts to establish a connection. If a wired connection is available, the TV skips the Network Setup – Wi-Fi Network screen and goes straight to the connection waiting screen.
      NOTE: When inputting a password for wireless connections, you can also use a USB keyboard as an alternative to the on-screen keyboard.

    5. The connection results screen is displayed upon success or failure of connecting to the network. Select the available options to either proceed to the next step (connection success), or to retry/abort the connection attempt (connection failure).

    6. Select your region, area and/or country.
      NOTE: This screen may not be displayed for certain countries.

    7. Depending on features available in your location, the Interactive Application Privacy Notice screen may be displayed. Select Agree or Disagree to enable or disable the related features.
      NOTE: This screen may only be available for certain countries.

    8. On the Automatic Software Download screen, you will have the option for the TV to automatically download new software updates and prompt the user to install once it is ready. Select On or Off to enable or disable this function.
      NOTE: Software updates can still be manually performed in the settings menu.

    9. Next, the Remote Start screen is displayed, a function that enables remote devices to turn on the TV from standby. Select On or Off to enable or disable this function.
      NOTE: Enabling this option will slightly increase TV power consumption during standby.

    10. Next, you can tune your broadcast services in the Auto Program / Auto Tuning screen. To start tuning, select OK or, if available, manually select options for tuning Digital or Analogue broadcasts separately. Select Cancel / Skip to tune your TV at a later time. When tuning starts, a scanning progress screen is displayed, followed by the scanning results.

    11. After successful broadcast tuning, the Program Sorting screen is displayed. You can organize your tuned channels here, or press RETURN to skip and set at a later time in the settings menu.
      NOTE: This screen may only be available for certain regions.

    12. After the broadcast setup is the Current Time / Clock Set screen. You can set the date, time, and other related options if available.

      Setup completed.
      NOTE: For certain regions, this screen is not displayed after completion of broadcast tuning.
    13. Once setup is completed, press the HOME button on remote control to display the home menu.
      NOTE: The home menu varies depending on the model or region. Some screenshots below are examples.


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