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What functions are supported on each of the HDMI terminals?

Which HDMI terminals do support enhanced format (18Gbps / 18Gbps or above)?

    The functions supported by each of the HDMI terminals are listed below:

    For Z9K and XRM-Z9K series:

    For 2022 Google TV™ models (except for Z9K and XRM-Z9K series):

     For Z9J and XRM-Z9J series: 

    For 2021 Google TV models (except for Z9J and XRM-Z9J series):

     For Z8H and Z9G series: 

     For 2020 Android TV™ models (except for Z8H series): 

     For 2019 Android TV models (except for Z9G series): 

     For 2018 Android TV models: 

     For 2017 Android TV models: 

     For 2016 Android TV models: 

     For 2015 Android TV models: 

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