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How to set ADSL network connection in Linux?

    Please click on the lower left corner icon (also start button), the terminal, can open a terminal window:

    In which to execute the command, in order to ensure the normal operation of the DSL: % sudo ln –s /run/lock/ /var/lock


    After you find the network icon in the lower right corner of the desktop icons (like the cable interface), click on it with the right mouse button, left-click Network Management Settings, the following configuration window will popup.First in the right-hand column, select the DSL tab, then click the Add ... button, playing to the following interface, follow the prompts to enter service, username, password, as follows: (Among them, a service can be defined ,according to the actual situation of the user name and password please fill in ):


    After confirmed, click ok button, return to the initial interface, at the same time, you can see new DSL connection, click ok to exit.
    If the connection success, left key double click desktop icon in the lower right corner to find network, can be seen similar to the following condition:


    Of course you also can directly open the chromium on the desktop browser, try to open a webpage.