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How to set up a local network connection in Linux?

    Please click on the lower right corner of the red cross icon, and then the left mouse button to select Network Management Settings configuration window will Popup.


    Confirm the leftmost one a network connection is selected, if not checked.

    In the right half of the border area within the wired connection option is selected, click on the Add button, select the wired connection option Add Network Connections window will Popup.

    Select the IPv4 Address tab, modify the method.
    The dhcp, choose the default Automatic (DHCP) can be.

    If a static IP address to the Internet, the method a drop-down menu to Manual, after which, in turn fill:
    • Information such as IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS
    • Best to connect automatically check on, so the next time the power on the computer
    • will be able to automatically connect.

    Finally, click on the OK button to exit.