Connectivity to match creative workflows

Image shot in an actual shooting environment Image shot in an actual shooting environment

Connectivity to match creative workflows

Image in which several cables are connected

Outstanding connectivity 

Interfaces and IP transmission methods for a wide range of use cases

The FR7 provides excellent connectivity for video output, IP streaming and synchronisation with other devices. HDMI video output can be used for real-time monitoring, while SDI video output delivers a RAW signal to an external recording device. Camera control, video and audio transfer, and power supply can be carried out via a single LAN cable.
Optical output connector
An optional SFP+ module* can be used to convert the camera’s SDI output to optical format for low-loss transfer over long distances. 

* Sold separately.
12G SDI BNC output
Delivers video output in a choice of 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI formats. RAW output is also possible in some settings. 
HDMI Type A output connector
Delivers video output with a status and setting info overlay for monitoring. An HDMI cable security plate and screw kit are included. 
Audio IN (XLR type 5-pin) connector
Receives the output from an external microphone or audio device. Audio CH-1 and CH-2 are received via a single connector. 
Product image of the FR7
Dual Media slots
Dual media slots supporting CFexpress Type A* and SDXC memory cards enable reliable recording of large volumes of data. 

* Only available with lenses that support Breathing Compensation. Angle of view and image quality may change slightly. Full compensation may not be possible with all lenses. This function is not available when Distortion Comp. is OFF, the S&Q mode is in use, or the recording format is set to RAW or any format that includes RAW.
About CFexpress Type A
Product image of the FR7

Connecting to external devices

Easily connect to external devices to provide timecode synchronisation, control tally light signals and coordinate synchronisation signals in multi-camera setups.  

Product image of the FR7, featuring the TC IN connector

TC IN connector

Receives timecode from an external device to be used for synchronisation. 
Product image of the FR7, featuring the "Option" connector

"Option" connector

Connects tally light signals to an external device. 
Product image of the FR7, featuring the GENLOCK connector

GENLOCK connector

Receives synchronisation signals from an external device for use in multi-camera setups.

Power supply

Illustration of PoE++

LAN and PoE++ connector

The FR7 can be powered with an external PoE++ (Power over Ethernet Plus Plus) device via a standard network cable (CAT5e or higher), eliminating the need for separate power supply cabling.

[1] Network Switch  [2] FR7  [3] Data  [4] Power
Product image of the FR7, featuring DC IN connector

DC IN connector 

If not using PoE++, the supplied AC adaptor connects to the FR7's ""DC IN"" connector to power the unit. The cord clamp on the rear panel of the FR7 can be used to prevent the power cable from being accidentally unplugged. 

IP streaming

Support for multiple protocols to meet your streaming needs 

RTSP streaming allows video output from one camera to be simultaneously distributed to up to five viewers. SRT enables high-quality, low-latency video transfer even in unstable network conditions. And NDI|HX0 connects to NDI-compatible devices such as switchers and media servers, supporting efficient live video production using Internet protocols.
Logos of the streaming protocols


Product image of the FR7


1. Recording/tally lamp / 2. POWER lamp / 3. Infrared remote control sensor / 4. NETWORK lamp / 5. Air inlet / 6. LAN (network) connector (RJ-45) / 7. Ground connection / 8. Cord clamper / 9. RESET switch / 10. SETUP switches / 11. Infrared remote control sensor / 12. Fan/air outlet