Explore the possibilities with remote PTZ 

Product Image of the FR7 Product Image of the FR7

Explore the possibilities with remote PTZ 

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Smooth pan, tilt and zoom operation 

Capture the scene from any angle

The FR7 incorporates smooth pan, tilt and zoom functionality that can be remotely controlled, or recalled to preset positions. The pan angle range is from –170 ° to +170 °, and the tilt angle range is from –30 ° to +195 ° when used in normal upright orientation. 

A full-featured dedicated Web App

With a new dedicated Web App, you can use a tablet or a computer's web browser0 to pan, tilt, zoom, focus, record, and adjust all camera settings. You can access cameras in hard-to-reach locations with easy setup using each camera's unique QR code. The Web App uses the same menu format as the FX6 for intuitive operation.
Image in which a person is controlling the FR7 via the Web App

High-performance remote controller RM-IP500

The FR7 can be paired with Sony's RM-IP500 remote controller0 for PTZ cameras, providing precise joystick-controlled pan, tilt and zoom1 operation. Speed adjustment knobs let you set the speed of pan, tilt, zoom and focus operations suitable for the subject and setting. Zoom can be controlled either via the joystick or a seesaw lever.  
Image in which a person is using RM-IP500

Professional control via S700PTP protocol0

The FR7 also supports control of compatible Sony cameras via Ethernet using S700PTP protocol. This allows the FR7 to be controlled from Sony's Remote Control Panel (RCP) and Master Setup Unit (MCU) devices, providing high-level control in multi-camera systems0 that combine the FR7 with Sony's BRC-series PTZ cameras and system cameras1.2
Product image of MSU-3500, RCP-3501, RCP-1001 and MSU-3000

free-d protocol for VR/AR systems

The FR7 Ver.2.0 supports "free-d", that can output pan/tilt/zoom, focus and iris-tracking information in conjunction with the synchronising signal. It is possible to connect the FR7 to VR/AR systems for video production, broadcasting, live events etc., and easily build a system without an encoder.

Illustration of free-d protocol for VR/AR systems

[1] Sync generator
[2] Video data (SDI OUT)
[3] Tracking data of Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus/Iris (LAN)
[4] ILME-FR7
[5] VR/AR graphic engine

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Multi-camera shooting

Expand your creative options

Illustration showing that multiple cameras can be operated with a single remote control

Multi-camera shooting with the FR7

The FR7 supports multi-camera production with just a small staff. A single RM-IP500 remote control unit can be used for a setup of up to 100 FR7 cameras (10 groups of 10 cameras).

[1] FR7 [2] Video switcher [3] Switching hub [4] Wi-Fi router [5] Video monitor [6] RM-IP500 [7] Tablet [8] Video signal [9] Remote control signal [10] Tally signal

Editing screen when editing an image in the application

Multi-camera shooting with professional cameras

FR7 Ver.2.0 supports the new look "709tone" to reproduce colours that match the spectral characteristics of Sony professional cameras. The look can be easily selected via the web app without any complications, for quick camera setup.
Illustration showing the GUI of the Web App

Fine-tuned control over camera movement 

Pan and tilt speed can be continuously varied from 0.02 degrees per second to 60 degrees per second, for flexible subject tracking and production scenarios.
Illustration showing the GUI of the Web App

Up to 100 preset camera positions

The supplied remote controller, dedicated FR7 Web App and RM-IP500 can remember up to 100 camera presets (camera direction, zoom and focus). Presets can be recalled at the touch of a button. 
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PTZ trace for highly repetitive camera framing

FR7 Ver.2.0 can record camera framing operations using the Web App or RM-IP500, and playback the pre-recorded framing operations simply by pressing a button on the web app. Up to 16 operation patterns can be stored for up to 180 seconds.
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Reliable auto focus for remote shooting

For remote setting, the FR7 locks onto fast-moving subjects quickly and tracks them tenaciously even in low light, using 627 selectable phase-detection AF points and the powerful BIONZ XR processor.

[1] Phase-detection AF coverage area
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Real-time Tracking for remote shooting

Concentrate on composition and leave focusing up to the camera. In the FR7's Web App, Touch Tracking starts auto focus for your chosen subject, complete with Real-time Tracking for professional and efficient production. . 
Image in which Real-time Eye AF is activated

Real-time Eye AF for remote shooting 

Underpinned by the BIONZ XR processor, the FR7 offers reliable AF performance, indispensable for remote shooting. Pinpoint eye focus tracks an eye even when subjects are looking up or down at a steep angle. 

Electronic Variable ND Filter for smooth remote operation 

Sony's built-in electronic variable ND (neutral density) filter allows exposure control at a distance, for smooth operation in a remote setup. It allows seamless ND adjustment from 1/4 to 1/128 to control exposure remotely, and depth of field can be conveniently controlled while maintaining a consistent exposure.

Breathing compensation0

The FR7 includes a Breathing Compensation function that minimises unwanted changes in angle of view, for better-looking focus transitions. With compatible lenses, the angle of view is automatically kept consistent even when focusing, making it possible to achieve smooth and dramatic focusing effects0
Product image of the FR7

Tally lights to facilitate multi-camera production

The FR7's red and green tally lights make it easy to identify which camera is currently active (on-air) in a multi-camera setup. A red tally light can identify the on-air camera while a green tally light indicates the preview camera. 
Product image of the supplied remote controller

Supplied infrared remote controller 

The infrared remote controller included with the FR7 controls pan, tilt, zoom and focus (with presets available) as well as recording and playback. 
Product image of the CIB-PCM1

Dedicated ceiling mount bracket CIB-PCM1

The FR7 is compatible with the CIB-PCM1 ceiling mount bracket for easy overhead setup. The "Ceiling" option in the Web App flips the control directions, for natural operation even with the camera mounted upside down.