Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras

Interchangeable-lens Cameras
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A shooting revolution

Fast Hybrid AF for accuracy and tenacity

The wide-area AF uses intelligent tracking and on-sensor phase-detection covering most of the frame. The result is that every bit of supremely accurate and tenacious AF performance is extracted in combination with high-quality E-mount lenses, even when shooting moving subjects at shallow depths-of-field in 4K and at 120p frame rates0.
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Powerful focus control for solo shooters

With AF Transition Speed selectable over 7 levels, and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity over 5 levels, you can better convey your creative intentions when switching subjects or, for example, rack focusing. A simple touch can temporarily activate AF even during manual focus operation.
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Real-time Eye AF for movies

Real-time Eye AF uses AI to ensure pinpoint focusing precision for eyes, with performance now improved by 30% on profile or partially obscured faces. Tenacious eye tracking lets you concentrate on composition even with a shallow focus depth. 
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Real-time Tracking with intuitive touch operation

Real-time Tracking analyses subject colour, pattern, depth, and face information to track the subject. Touch Tracking intuitively and automatically tracks a subject touched on the LCD screen. 

In-body 5-axis image stabilisation

A highly accurate image stabilisation unit and gyro-sensor are provided, delivering 5-axis optical image stabilisation.

[1] Yaw  [2] Roll  [3] Pitch


Active Mode for hand-held shooting

The new Active Mode0 2 provides increased stabilisation for movie shooting. To preserve image quality, the BIONZ XR processor accurately measures camera shake and compensates optically. This makes stable video possible even when shooting hand-held where space restraints prevent gimbal use, while walking, and at 4K resolution2.

Advantages of Sony's lenses for video shooting

Learn the four unique advantages of using Sony's E-mount lens for video shooting. The combination of Sony's lenses and cameras will enhance your video creation experience.

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Title “Advantages of Sony's E-mount lenses in movie shooting” over side-on slow-motion dollying shot of user carrying camera in woodland, then close-up of camera with strap being raised by user for use, then front left view of camera with XLR handle attached, then front left view of movie camera held in user’s palm, then close-up of camera body with lens mounted and adjusted by hand, then shot of user on riverbank with handheld camera


Four-way split screen with female model, caption “Focusing;” close-up of lens, caption “Zooming;” riverbank user, caption “Stabilisation;” and close-up of lens, caption “Iris control”

Narration: “This video will outline the advantages of using Sony’s E-mount lenses together with cameras to enhance your video shooting experience. Focus, zoom, image stabilisation, iris control. As you will see, Sony has unique advantages in these four important areas. By the end of this video, you will see how a combination of Sony’s E-mount lenses with cameras can greatly improve your video shooting experience.”


Left split-screen panel maintained bright while others are dimmed. Other captions: “Autofocus,” “Manual focus,” “Manual focus during autofocus,” and “Focus breathing compensation”

Narration: “Let’s start with focus. There are four distinct points where Sony’s E-mount lenses can offer clear benefits in this area: autofocus, manual focus, manual focus during autofocus, and focus breathing compensation. These days, autofocus in video shooting is more important than ever before. With advancements in technology, the number of scenes that depend on reliable autofocus has increased dramatically.”


Caption “High resolution” over sequence showing female model walking through city at night

Narration: “Shooting in high resolution 4K is now the industry standard.”


Caption “Shallow depth of field” over portrait of female model with significant background bokeh, then sequence showing female dancer with close-ups showing background bokeh

Narration: “Expression with extremely shallow depth of field created with full frame cameras with large-aperture prime lenses.”


Caption “High framerate” over slow-motion shots of female athlete, then of motorcycle stunt at night

Narration: “Slow-motion footage by shooting at a high framerate of for example 120p.”


Caption “Remote shooting” over shot of user with gimbal following subject running in city, then shot of drone with camera attached, then drone shot of waterfall, then shot of camera on rig on roof of building

Narration: “And remote shooting in situations where gimbals and drones are used, where the manual focus ring is beyond the operator’s reach.”


Close-ups of lens and aperture ring, followed by iris, then shot of drummer and drumkit on grassland, then actors walking on oceanside pier, then shot of FX6 body and lens, then sequence of female performer dancing in studio with streamers

Narration: “Conventional focus systems force the videographers to stop down the aperture to avoid the subject being out of focus, but also limit the expression of bokeh effects. Under conditions such as these achieving optimal focus has been a challenge for conventional mirrorless system lenses. But not any more. Sony lenses are engineered with the latest technology to overcome these obstacles.”


Sequence of shots of cinematographer adjusting camera rig

Narration: “Let’s see how they differ from conventional lenses. A professional cinematographer will shoot in all these situations and give us his opinion.”


Caption “Cinematographer Carlos Toraya” over interview with cinematographer

Cinematographer: “My name is Carlos Toraya, I am a cin

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Digital audio interface for clear sound recording

A digital audio interface added to the Multi Interface (MI) Shoe allows direct 24-bit input. Available settings are 48 kHz/16-bit 2-ch, and by using the optional XLR-K3M adaptor kit, 48 kHz/24-bit 2-ch and 48 kHz/24-bit 4-ch.

Unique heat dissipation, for dependable recording

A unique Sony Σ (sigma) shaped graphite heatsink is built into the image-stabilisation unit. This dissipates heat 5x more effectively for extended recording time, without interfering with image stabilisation.
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Movie-shooting comfort

Responding to feedback from professional users, the MOVIE button has been moved to the top face for improved operability in any shooting position. Mode dial ordering and speed of switching have also been improved.