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What Google Assistant can do

    This page describes examples of what Google Assistant can do when spoken to.

    If you ask Google Assistant, "What can you do?", you can learn about functions that Google Assistant can do other than those described on this page.

    Click the following topics and try to perform the relevant commands.

    1. Listen to and Play Music
    2. Make a Phone Call
    3. Check and Send a Short Message
    4. Check and Create a Schedule
    5. Set Alarms and Timers
    6. Search
    7. Check the News and Weather  


    1. Listen to and Play Music 

    What Google Assistant can doCommand Example
    Listen to music

    Say the song name, album name, artist name, genre, etc.

    "Play xxx"   
    "Play jazz"

    While playing "Pause music"
    "Play the next song"
    "Previous song" 
    Look up song information "What is the title of this song?"
     "Tell me about this song"  


    2. Make a Phone Call

    What Google Assistant can do Command Example
    Phone calls

    Make a phone call

    Say the person or place you want to call.

    "Call xxx"

    "Call Mom"

    3. Check and Send a Short Message

    What Google Assistant can doCommand Example

    Check messages

    "Check messages"

    "Do I have any messages?"

    Send messages
    (Android only)

    Say where you want to send a message.

    "Send a message to xxx"

    Google Assistant plays the message when the command is complete.

    Say "Send" to send the message.

    To make changes, say "Change" To cancel, say "Cancel"


    (Android only)

    After checking a message, say "Reply"


    4. Check and Create a Schedule

    What Google Assistant can doCommand Example
    Calendar scheduleCheck

    "What is my schedule for Monday?"

    "What is my schedule?"

    "What is my next meeting?"

    Create"Schedule tennis for tomorrow at 10"

    "Remind me to take out the trash in 2 hours"

    "Remind me to buy milk at 7 PM"


    5. Set Alarms and Timers

    What Google Assistant can doCommand Example


    (Android only)


    "Wake up at 6 AM"

    "Wake up in 20 minutes"

    "Set an alarm for 7 AM"


    "Set the timer for 3 minutes"

    "Cancel the timer"


    "Pause the timer"

    "Restart the timer"


    6. Search

    What Google Assistant can doCommand Example

    "Tell me the way home"

    "Navigate to xxx"

    "What's the route to Central Park?"

    "How many minutes to JFK International Airport by car?"


    "Is there a convenience store nearby?"

    "Find a pharmacy"

    "Where's is the nearest gas station?"

    "What restaurants are nearby?"

    "What are the hours of operation for xxx?"


    "What is 155 + 133?"

    "What is 356 x 25?"

    "What is 20% of 253?"


    7. Check the News and Weather

    What Google Assistant can doCommand Example



    "Tell me the news"

    "Sports news"


    Pause: "Pause"

    Restart: "Restart"

    Stop: "Stop"

    Reverse: "Go back 30 seconds"

    Forward: "Next news"

    Weather forecast

    "What is today's weather?"

    "What will be Wednesday's high temperature?"

    "What is the weather in New York?"

    "Do I need an umbrella today?"