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Is the issue resolved after changing the headset settings using the Sony | Headphones Connect app?

    NOTE: If your headset does not support the Sony | Headphones Connect app, go to the next step.

    When the Adaptive Sound Control is set to On, the Sony | Headphones Connect app detects your action (running, walking, etc.) and automatically switches the settings of the Noise Canceling function to Ambient Sound Control.

    To make maximum use of the noise canceling function, follow these steps to set the Adaptive Sound Control to off, and adjust the Noise Canceling or Ambient Sound Control manually.

    1. Connect the headset and smartphone via Bluetooth, and then launch the Sony | Headphones Connect app.
    2. If the Adaptive Sound Control is On, turn it Off.
      Image turning off the Adaptive Sound Control
    3. Turn on the Ambient Sound Control, and move the slide bar to left until Noise Canceling appears in the Ambient Sound Control setting.
      NOTE: If your headset is the WF-1000X model, select Noise Canceling on the menu.

      Example for WF-1000XM3
      Image of the Headphones Connect app screen using WF-1000XM3

      Example for WF-1000X
      Image of the Headphones Connect app screen using WF-1000X

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