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How to reset or initialize the Wireless Headphones (WH-1000XM3)

    WH-1000XM3 Reset Guide

    Reset the Headphones

    Step 1

    Plug the USB cable into the headset to charge.

    Step 2

    Press the Power Button and the NC/Ambient button at the same time while the USB cable is still connected.

    Step 3

    The headset will reset. To charge the headset after resetting, disconnect and reconnect the USB Type-C cable.

    Initialise the Headphones to Factory Settings

    Step 1

    Turn off the headset, and ensure no USB cable is connected.

    Step 2

    Press and hold the power button and the NC/Ambient button for 7 seconds or more. A blue indicator light will flash four times.

    Step 3

    The headset will initialise, resetting the settings and pairing information.

    Step 4

    Delete the headset from the list of Bluetooth products on your device.

    Step 5

    Pair the headset to your selected device again