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Try to establish a Bluetooth connection between the speaker and the playback device by following the steps below

    Following the steps below.

    Connecting to a smartphone or a WALKMAN device

    NOTE: Depending on the OS version, the method may differ, for details refer to the manual supplied with the device or contact the manufacturer.

    1. Turn on the Bluetooth function on the playback device.

      • For Android smartphones
        1. Select Settings.
        2. Select Wireless & Networks.
        3. Select Bluetooth.
      • For iPhones
        1. Select Settings.
        2. Select Bluetooth.
      • For WALKMAN devices
        1. Tap home menu.
        2. Select Bluetooth.
        3. Select Device registration (Pairing).
    2. Tap the model name of the speaker displayed on the playback device.

      If a password is required, enter "0000." When the Bluetooth connection is complete, the Bluetooth indicator stops blinking.

    Connecting to a computer

    Refer to the following article:



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