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What is the pairing procedure?

About the pairing procedure.

    Please refer to the steps below.

    Connecting with the supported smartphone by one touch 

    1. Download the app NFC Easy Connect to the smartphone from the Google Play and install it.
    2. Set the NFC switch to ON the unit.
    3. Start the app NFC Easy Connect on the smartphone. Make sure that the application screen is displayed.
    4. Touch the unit with the smartphone.
      Touch the part of the smartphone marked N.
      Keep touching the unit with the smartphone until the smartphone vibrates.
      Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

    Connecting with other device 

    1. Turn off the unit.
    2. Put the subject BLUETOOTH device within 1m of each other.
    3. Press and hold the POWER button*1 of the unit until the lamp (blue) and (red) blink alternately.
    4. Perform the pairing operation at the subject BLUETOOTH device and search the unit.
    5. Select the model name on the screen of the subject BLUETOOTH device.*2
    6. If the Passkey*3 is requested on the screen of the subject BLUETOOTH device, input 0000.
    7. The lamp (blue) of the unit blinks slowly and the pairing is completed.

    *1: Press and hold the buttons for approx. two seconds when you perform the pairing for the first time or after the initialization and for approx. seven seconds in other cases.
    *2: Refer to the operating instructions of the subject BLUETOOTH device for details.
    *3: Passkey may be called Passcode, PIN code, PIN number or Password.