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The battery life is short on my Headphones.


    If you are using WF-1000XM4, Linkbuds (WF-L900) , or Linkbuds S (WF-LS900N), please update the firmware to the latest version

    If you feel the battery consumption differs between the left and right earbuds, refer to the article The remaining battery charge varies between the left and right side of the headphones.

    Check the following:

    • If you enable any of the following functions, the operating time will be shorter than the Available operating time listed in your model's Help Guide.
      Note: The supported functions vary depending on the model.
      • Equalizer
      • DSEE Extreme, DSEE HX, DSEE
        Note: If you activate the Equalizer and DSEE Extreme (or DSEE HX, DSEE) functions at the same time, the battery consumption will be greater than if you enable only one of the functions.
      • Speak-to-Chat
      • Priority on sound mode while using Bluetooth
      • Voice assistant
      • Automatic wind noise reduction
      • Service Link
      • Head Gesture (Only WF-1000XM5)
    • For Truly Wireless headphones: After use, be sure to store the headphones in the charging case, and close the lid of the case.
      • If the headphones are placed in a pocket or bag, they may react as if they are being worn and turn on by mistake.
      • If the lid of the charging case remains open, the battery consumption may increase.
      • When you place the headphones into the charging case, make sure that the left and right headphones units are inserted into the correct sides, and that the ear-fitting supports are properly attached (supported model only).
    • The rate of remaining battery charge may vary between the left and right units depending on the settings of various functions and the conditions of use. Also, in some cases, the remaining battery charge displayed may differ from the actual remaining charge, since the displayed battery charge level is only a rough estimate.
    • If you use the headphones for phone call use, the operating time will be shorter compared with when you use them just for music playback. If the connection is bad when talking, the operating time may be much shorter.
    • For Headband and In-ear headphones: If the headphones are not used for a long time, the rechargeable battery usage hours may be reduced. If this happens, the battery life will improve again after recharging several times. To avoid over-discharge when storing the headphones for a long time, charge the battery once every 6 months.

    If you feel that the headphones' operating time is too short even though you have verified all of the above, try the following. For details about each procedure, refer to your model's Help Guide.

    • Charge the headphones.
    • Reset the headphones.
    • If the issue is not resolved after the reset, initialize the headphones.
    • If the issue is not resolved after above steps, service may be required. Go to Product Repair.