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What is the Noise Cancellation optimiser function?

    Did you know that you can optimise your noise cancellation settings? Noise cancellation technology allows users to tweak settings by running an analysis of new and different conditions.

    The optimise function detects variable factors, such as the pressure change in an aeroplane, the presence or absence of glasses, and even your hairstyle! Once you’ve optimised your headphones, they will retain their settings until you rerun the program.

    We recommend running the optimiser when you use your headset for the first time, when you travel in an aeroplane, or if you are in an environment in which you use them most often. If your wearing conditions change drastically, it’s never a bad idea to run this function. You can also run it via the Sony | Headphones Connect app.

    How to run the optimiser function

    1. Power on your headset
    2. Activate NC mode
    3. Press and hold the NC/AMBIENT button for about 2 seconds while in NC mode until you hear the voice cue
    4. Optimiser start! Just let your headphones do the work and avoid interfering during optimisation. You will cancel the process if you engage the headset during the program.


    Note: If you’ve set the NC/AMBIENT button as the Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa button, you can't operate the NC Optimizer function from the headset. Use the Sony | Headphones Connect app instead.