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How to optimise Noise Cancellation to match your listening style

    IMPORTANT: Only selective models support Adaptive Sound Control. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article for supported models.

    Want to reduce or increase Noise Cancellation levels? Interested in playing around with Ambient sound or Noise cancellation?  Sony’s Headphones Connect app features Adaptive Sound Control. Let’s see how it allows you to optimise your listening experience! 

    SONY | Headphones Connect mobile app & Adaptive Sound Control (ASC)

    When installing SONY | Headphones Connect for the first time, you are prompted to enable the ASC setting. ASC stands for Adaptive Sound Control
    Adaptive Sound Control automatically changes the headphones sound settings depending on 4 motion options: sitting, walking, running and transport.

    Following a software update of your headset, Adaptive Sound Control on the Headphones Connect app may turn ON automatically and enable the Ambient Sound Control setting. However, if the headset is set to Ambient Sound Control, the effects of noise cancelling may seem weak.

    The level of ambient sound is adjusted depending on the movement of the user. Although these modes are predefined, you can customise them!

    For example, let’s have a look at the action preset [Sitting]:
    The default setting for Ambient Sound Control is “Ambient Sound level 20”, but avoids “Noise Cancelling”. That means that Ambient Sound is set to ON, letting through a decent level of environmental sounds. On the other hand, the N/C level is therefore automatically reduced. Try changing the settings using the following method to hear the original noise-cancelling performance.

    How can I change Adaptive Sound Control to set Noise Cancelling levels to the maximum?

    1. Launch the “SONY | Headphones Connect” App on your smartphone after connecting your headphones with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
    2. Turn “Adaptive Sound Control” OFF  (if this setting is ON) 

      Adaptive sound control Noise Cancellation

    If you want to use “Adaptive Sound Control”, you can edit the “Ambient Sound Control” setting depending on the 4 different preset actions: Sitting – Walking – Running Transport. You can tailor these four presets to your preferred volume or mode.

    1. Turn [Ambient Sound Control] to ON.  Don’t forget to confirm if Noise-Cancellation is set to ON.
      Use the slider to change the level. 

      Slider to control ambient sound and noise cancellation level
    2. Tap [START] to execute [Noise Cancelling Optimiser] after wearing the unit. (Excluding WF-1000X)
      Optimizing increases the effects of noise cancelling to its maximum capability.

    For more tips and hints, please refer to our “SONY | Headphones Connect” Help Guide