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The remaining battery charge varies between the left and right side of the headphones.

The remaining battery charge is different between left and right sides on the Headphones Connect app or voice guidance.

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    Either side of the headphones can work as the main unit, and the main unit consumes more power than the other side. Because of this, the remaining battery level may vary between left and right. This is not a malfunction.
    Note: The side that works as the main unit is not fixed and will be decided depending on the usage environment.

    Also, using the voice assistant or Service Link feature may affect battery consumption.

    Hint: For WF-1000XM3, WF-C500, WF-H800, WF-SP800N, and WF-XB700, the remaining battery level (as displayed on the Sony | Headphones Connect app screen, or heard from the voice guidance) is divided into the following four stages. In some cases, the remaining battery charge displayed may differ from the actual remaining charge, since the displayed battery charge level is only a rough estimate.

    DisplayRemaining battery charge
    100%100% - 71%
    70%70% - 51%
    50%50% - 21%
    20%20% or lower