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Consolidation of IDs used on services for Sony products into one Sony account

    Since it is now possible to consolidate IDs used on services for Sony products into a single Sony account, the ability to use your Amazon, Apple, Facebook, or Google ID on the services and apps listed below will be phased out in July 2024. Follow the instructions on the web pages linked below to migrate your IDs to your Sony account.

    Migrating IDs to a Sony account


    • What is Sony account?
    • How to confirm whether or not you have a Sony account
    • Can I consolidate multiple Sony account into one?
    • What if I want to continue using the accounts I am currently using?
    • What will happen if I don't migrate my Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google IDs to a Sony account by July2024?
    • I don't have a Sony account. Can I migrate my IDs anyway?