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How do I download the PDF version of the Help Guide

    To download your the PDF version of the helpguide, refer the following steps.

    1. Getting to your Product page

    The product page is the best platform to start your journey: that search bar only shows results applicable to your product.
    That narrows down the search!

    1. Make sure you know your model name. If you are unsure, this page can help you find it:
    2. Type in your model name in the search bar on the Support website.


      IMPORTANT: Make sure you type your model name correctly (including the hyphen (-) if applicable). The predictive search feature will help you make sure you’re typing the model correctly.
    3. Go to your Product Page by clicking on your product name in the auto-suggest feature or in the search results.


    2. Go to the help guide of your product

    • Once you're on your product page, click on the Manuals tab and select Help Guide


    3. Change the URL path

    • When the Help Guide has been loaded, click on the address link of your internet browser

    • Change the page type in the URL from


      The PDF version of the Help Guide will now be loaded.