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Does the charging indicator light up when you set the headset into the charging case?

    NOTE: If you set the headset into the charging case with your hands covering one or both proximity sensors, it may not charge (the indicators do not light). When setting the headset into the charging case, make sure that your hands are not covering one or both proximity sensors.

    Illustration of the proximity sensors [A] on the units

    [A]: Proximity sensors

    You can use the indicator to check the state of the headset. Refer to the following.

    • Lights up

      Charging has started successfully. Wait until the headset is fully charged.
      When charging is complete, the indicator will turn off.

    • The indicators light up, and then turn off approx. 1 minute later

      The headset battery is fully charged.

    • The indicator on the R (right) unit does not light up (or turns off quickly)

      When connecting your smartphone to the headset via Bluetooth, the battery life in the L (left) unit is consumed at a greater pace.
      Due to this, when charging both units at the same time, the R (right) unit finishes charging more quickly (the indicator turns off).
      Wait for the L (left) unit to finish charging.

    • The red indicators on both the L (left) and R (right) units flashes, and then turns off quickly

      The remaining battery life of the charging case is low.

    • Does not light up



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