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Protecting the Headphones from accidents or malfunction caused by water / dirt / foreign objects when charging

    WARNING! If you charge the headphones when the charging case or if the USB terminal is wet, or if you try to charge when there are any foreign substances (dust etc.) in any of these areas, there is a chance that it may cause accidents such as fire, electrical shock, or burns. Also, it can cause staining around the headphones or malfunctions. To prevent such situations or accidents from happening, carefully check the headphones, the charging case, the charging port, the surrounding area, and the USB cable:

    • Make sure that no water or moisture can be found around the headphones, the charging case, the charging port or its surrounding area:
      If water or moisture can be found around these areas, remove the water or moisture with a soft dry cloth and allow them dry at room temperature. You can start charging after the headphones are completely dry.

      WARNING! Even if your headphones are waterproof or moisture-proof, charging the headphones while wet may cause fire or electrical shock. Before charging, make sure that there is no water or moisture around the headphones or peripheral items.

    • Make sure that no foreign substances can be found around the headphones, charging port, etc.
      When the headphones and/or charging port of the charging case become dirty, clean the dirt off before charging.
    • Always use the supplied USB cable to charge the headphones.
      Charging may not be successful with cables other than the supplied USB cable.
    • Make sure that USB cable is not damaged, deformed, wet, or dirty:
      Before charging, check that no water, moisture, or foreign substances can be found in or around the USB cable. Also, check that the USB cable is not damaged or deformed.

    Common examples when headphones can easily get wet

    In the following cases, you may unintentionally make the headphones wet. Take care when using the headphones in such situations. Even when your headphones have waterproof or moisture-proof specifications, do not forget to wipe off the water (or dirt, etc.) after use. Also, if you use the headphones with the lid over the USB terminal, make sure to close the lid after the charging.

    • Using the headphones near water (basin, bathroom, kitchen etc.):
      If you use headphones in humid places, water or moisture may easily adhere to the headphones.
    • Using headphones in rain or during exercise, or carrying headphones in the clothes pocket in these situations:
      Even if the headphones seem away from water because they are under the umbrella or in the pocket, water or moisture may adhere to the headphones.
    • Placing the headphones in a humid area may cause condensation inside the headphones:
      If you place headphones near a cold bottled drink or anything that can attract condensation, that condensation can cause water to adhere to headphones USB terminal.

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