Article ID : 00241691 / Last Modified : 13/06/2021

Does the microphone work when you perform the following operations in order?

    1. Initialize the headset.

      When you initialize the headset, the headset returns to the factory settings and deletes all Bluetooth pairing information.

      NOTE for WF-SP900: All of the data (music files, pre-installed data, etc.) saved to the main memory of the player will be erased. Before initializing, backup any important data.

      The initializing method differs depending on model. Select your model for details:

    2. Delete the Bluetooth device information of your playback device.
    3. Perform pairing again.

    • The microphone works

      If the microphone works, the issue was caused by a temporary malfunction of the headset.

    • The microphone does not work

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