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How to use Chromecast built-in (Google Cast) on Sony's Google TV™ or Android TV™

    Chromecast built-in (Google Cast) lets you watch your favorite entertainment and apps from your mobile device or computer on your Google TV or Android TV.


    Before you start

    How to cast using the mobile device

    Follow the steps below when casting photos, movies, or music from a Chromecast-enabled app on an Android or an Apple iOS mobile device to the TV.

    1. Launch the Chromecast-enabled app on the mobile device.
    2. On the app screen, tap the Chromecast built-in icon.

    3. Select the TV model.
    4. Tap Play to start playback. The content will begin to play on the selected TV.

    Note: To show the entire mobile screen, refer to the following:

    How to cast using the computer

    Follow the step below to display the screen on the TV wirelessly using the Google Chrome browser:

    1. Connect to your computer same Wi-Fi network as the TV.
    2. Open the Google Chrome browser.
    3. On the right side of the browser screen click the Settings icon, and select Cast.
    4. On the Cast tab select Television Available to connect the TV wirelessly.
    5. To show the entire computer screen instead of just the browser screen, on the Cast tab, click Source, and then select Cast screen.


    • Browser specifications are subject to change without notice. For details, refer to the Cast a Chrome tab on your TV website.
    • Depending on the content type, some video playback may not be compatible with Cast.


    If the Chromecast built-in function does not work, refer to the article Casting from mobile devices or computers to the TV fails.