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The displayed capacity of the on-board TV storage is different from the description in the product page.

    The TV on-board storage consists of two parts: Internal Storage and User Accessible Storage.

    Internal Storage
    Also called System Memory, this storage area is used to store the operating system and system files. This part of storage is inaccessible to users.
    User Accessible Storage
    The storage area that can accessed and used by the users. This area is used to store the apps and user data.

    When you check the available storage on your TV, it will only indicate the available storage that is user accessible. Therefore, the available storage will be different from the description in the product page.

    Watch this video to find out how to expand storage on Sony Google TV 

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    • For details on how to check the storage capacity on the TV, refer to the How to check the amount of storage available on the TV article.
    • If the amount of User Accessible Storage becomes insufficient, delete unused downloaded apps to increase the on-board storage free space.