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Try performing a factory data reset

    Try performing a factory data reset

    WARNING! A factory data reset deletes all customized settings, including channels, account information (such as a Google™ account), system and applications data, downloaded apps, wired and Wi-Fi network settings, parental lock settings, and camera device's data. The TV will return to how it was at the time of purchase.

    Perform a factory data reset from the Setting screen

    1. Turn on the TV.
    2. Open the Settings screen. How to access Settings
    3. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
      • Select SystemAboutReset.
      • Select Device PreferencesReset.
      • Select Device PreferencesAboutReset, Factory reset or Factory data reset.
      • Select Storage & Reset.
    4. Select Factory data reset or Reset.
    5. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
      • Select Erase Everything → Yes.
      • Select Erase Everything.
      • Select Yes.


    • If you have set a PIN code on your TV, you will be prompted to input it.
    • The factory reset may take a few moments. Please wait until you are informed that the process has been completed.
    • After the reset process completes successfully, your TV proceeds to the Initial Setup wizard.

    If the Settings screen cannot be displayed

    If the Setting screen cannot be displayed with the above steps, try the following steps depending on your TV type or model:


    Google TVs

    Android TVs (For X74H_X75H, X7, and W8 series)

    Android TVs (For other series)

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