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(Wired) Connection diagnosis results are displayed as OK, OK, Failed.

    TV and router are connected; however, the TV is not connected to the Internet after the router.
    Please try the following rectification process.
    1. If you use the Internet under the present use environment for the first time or any other devices cannot be connected to the Internet, inform the contracted provider of whether the line or modem can be connected to the Internet and whether the modem, telephone / FAX, and router are connected properly.
    2. If only TV cannot be connected to the Internet, the provider is changed, or connection is disabled after the router is replaced, it is necessary to set the connection information of the provider (information of PPPoE connection setting) for the router.
      For details on how to set the information, please contact the router manufacturer.
    3. Communications may be disturbed for any device by operation delay of communication. Turn on the power supply in the following order.
      1. Disconnect the power cords (mains lead) in order of TV, router, and modem.
      2. Connect the power cords (mains lead) in order of modem and router. Wait for about 2 minutes after the TV power cord (mains lead) is disconnected.
      3. Connect the TV power cord (mains lead) and turn on the power supply, and then carry out the connection diagnosis.

    If the same results are displayed, please contact us.

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