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Connect a smartphone running Android™ OS to the BRAVIA via cable

    This page introduces how to connect your BRAVIA and a smartphone running Android OS (Xperia, etc.) with an HDMI cable and display the screen on your BRAVIA.


    1. BRAVIA does not come with a conversion "cable" or "adapter" for wired connection to a smartphone (we do not sell Sony cables or adapters).
    2. The content on this page provides general connection methods. Connection with BRAVIA is not guaranteed.
    3. Currently, most major mainstream smartphones no longer have a terminal for HDMI cable connection. Therefore, you will need a separate HDMI conversion adapter that matches the USB Type-C terminal used to charge your smartphone.
    4. In order to display the smartphone screen on the Bravia, the smartphone's USB terminal must support "DisplayPort Alternate Mode". 
      If the smartphone does not support "DisplayPort Alternate Mode", the screen will not be displayed on the BRAVIA, so be sure to check the specifications of the smartphone before purchasing the conversion adapter or USB Type-C to HDMI cable. If you have any questions, please consult your local electronics store for the type of adapter that suits your purpose.

    For iPhones, refer to the following page for how to connect the iPhone to BRAVIA with a cable and display the screen.

    Required equipment

    Connection procedure