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How to power reset, restart, or set the Android TV or Google TV back to original factory settings

    This article is designed to fix the following.

    • The Android™ TV is stuck on a Sony logo screen.
    • The Android TV does not respond to any command executed using the supplied remote control or pressing the physical buttons on the TV itself.
    • Cannot access the factory data reset menu of the Android TV.

    There are three different ways to reset your Android TV™ or Google TV™ depending on the issue you are experiencing:

    • Step 1 (Power Reset/Restart) is always recommended first as it can resolve many issues and doesn't affect saved information.
    • Step 2 (Factory Data Reset) is the next step and will erase all customised settings as it resets the TV to factory specifications.
    • Step 3 (Forced Factory Reset) is the final option and will also erase all customised settings as it resets the TV to factory specifications. Use this option when you can't access the TV through the menu, don't have a remote, or as otherwise specified.

    Before you start

    • IMPORTANT: This article is for Android TV or Google TV models only. You can check your TV type if you're unsure.
    • Make sure the TV is on and you remove any external USB devices from the TV.

    You can view the video that covers these options or skip to the more detailed steps.

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    Power reset/restart and Factory Data Reset steps

    Check if the issue is resolved after each step.

    Step 1: Power Reset or Restart Options

    Step 2: Factory Data Reset

    Step 3: Forced Factory Reset