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Unable to turn the TV ON or OFF using the remote control of an external device, such as a soundbar, recorder or set-top box.

    Check to see if the TV can be operated normally using the supplied remote control of the TV. If the TV responds to the supplied remote control to turn the TV ON and OFF, then the TV is functioning properly.

    Once we know the TV is working properly with its own remote, if the remote for an external device is not able to turn the TV ON or OFF, check the following:

    • Make sure to point the IR transmitter of the external device's remote directly at the IR sensor of the TV.
      NOTE: Refer to the manual for the TV and the manual for the external device (or contact customer support) for the exact locations of the IR sensor and IR transmitter.

    • Check the external device manual or contact customer support to make sure the external device is operating properly, and to see if it can support CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) function of an HDMI connected device.
      NOTE: The CEC function may not be supported by the external device, may not be working properly due to software issues, or if the remote or external device is malfunctioning.