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The built-in microphone doesn't seem to work and the TV fails to react when I say OK Google.

    • This article only applies to specific products and/or operating systems. Please check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article.
    • For W8L, X64L, X70L, X74L, X75L, X74K, X75K, W8K, X7, W8, X74H and X75H: The Built-in mic is not available. To use Google Assistant, press the MIC button (or Google Assistant button) on the remote control.

    Try these troubleshooting steps:

    For Google TV™ For Android TV™

    If the issue still happens try the following:

    1. Perform a power reset.
    2. Turn on the television.
    3. For Google TV: Repeat step 1 (turning the Built-in MIC Switch on the TV body off and then back on). For Android TV: Repeat steps 1-4 (Turning OK Google detection off and then back on).