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How do I set up my Sony's Android TV™ for the first time?

    This article illustrates how to set up your TV for the first time or after performing a factory data reset:

    The Initial setup starts when you turn on the TV after purchasing it or after executing a factory data reset.
    In the Initial setup, you can connect to the Internet, add Google accounts to use Android™ apps, and perform tuning to receive TV broadcasts.


    • Instructions for the Initial setup procedure are displayed on the TV screen. Setup can be completed generally by reading the on-screen instructions. If something not included in this procedure is displayed, follow the on-screen instructions.
    • The screenshots provided here are for reference only. The actual screen and procedure might differ slightly depending on your country/region, model, and firmware version.
    • To select items on the screen, press the directional arrow  keys on the remote control to highlight the desired item, and then press the ENTER  button on the remote control.
    • This procedure assumes that the Initial setup started automatically. You can also manually start the Initial setup at any time by following these steps:
      1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
      2. Select  Settings.
      3. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
        • Select Device PreferencesInitial Setup. (Android 9)
        • Select Initial setup or Auto start-up. (Android 8.0 or earlier)
    1. Select your preferred language on the Welcome screen. In this instance, ENGLISH.

    2. If the Set up your TV with an Android phone or tablet or Do you have an Android phone or tablet? screen is displayed, select whether to use a compatible Android phone or tablet to transfer your current settings to the TV.
      In this example, press the Down Arrow key on the remote control and select Skip. (Skip Phone/Tablet for this walkthrough)

      NOTE: If you select Yes on this screen, you can easily transfer account and network details from compatible Android devices with a few simple clicks by following the on-screen instructions.

    3. Choose your preferred network settings on the Select your Wi-Fi network screen. You can either select the wireless network you would like to connect to from the list of available options, or use a LAN cable for a wired connection.
    4. After choosing your network, an Enter password... screen will appear. Press the ENTER  button on your remote control while the text field is highlighted to activate the on-screen keyboard. Then, input the password for your network and press NEXT/ENTER or FINISH to proceed.

      NOTE: When the connection is complete, Connected successfully is displayed.

    5. When the Make the most of your TV screen is displayed, select Skip for this walkthrough.

    6. Next, on the Make the most of your TV, Sign in to your account or Sign in to Google screen, you will have two or three options as below:
      • Use your phone or computer or Use your phone or laptop
      • Use your remote or Use your password
      • SKIP

        Select your preferred option.
        • For easy Google sign-in, choose Use your remote or Use your password and fill in your details.
        • If you decide to use the option Use your phone or computer or Use your phone or laptop, your phone/ computer needs to be connected to the same network as your TV. This is the recommended option if you would like to hide your Google account and password from being displayed on your TV screen. After selecting Use your remote or Use your password, follow the on-screen instructions displayed on your TV.

          NOTE: Please be aware that if you skip this section, you may need to sign in later to access certain Google apps and/or services on your Android TV.
    7. Press the Enter  button on the remote control after entering the Google Account information.

    8. Select Accept to accept the Google Terms of Service.

    9. On the Location screen, choose either Yes or No to whether Google and third party apps have permission to use your device's location.

    10. On the Help improve Android performance screen, Select Yes to send diagnostic information to Google.

    11. When the Choose a name for your… screen is displayed, give your TV a name. Select your preferred name from the list, or select Enter custom name and input a name.

    12. Select your country.

    13. If the Meet your Google Assistant screen is displayed, follow the on-screen instructions as necessary.
      This step is skipped for this procedure.
      NOTE: Not all regions support the Google Assistant. For supported regions and languages, refer to: Supported countries/regions/languages and how to use the Google Assistant

    14. A Privacy Policy agreement will be displayed.

      NOTE: Please be aware that to continue with the TV setup and get the most out of your TV (such as software updates), you must scroll down to the bottom of the screen using the down arrow button and then select the option Agree all or Agree. You must agree to the Sony Privacy Policy in order to receive software downloads. This way, as soon as an update is available for your device, it will start downloading automatically.

    15. After this, you will be required to enter a 4-digit PIN code. Apart from 0000, any combination will be accepted. You will have to enter your new PIN twice: the first time to set your code and the second time to verify that it matches what you originally chose. A new screen, PIN code has been set, will confirm that your new PIN has been activated.
      NOTE: Please remember your PIN and/or store it in a safe place.
      Your PIN code will be required when you change the Parental Lock settings or when you temporarily unblock a blocked digital/satellite service.

    16. You will now have the chance to tune your satellite receiver. Either Start the process or Skip to tune your TV at a later date.
      NOTE: If the IR Blaster setup screen (Control your TV and set-top box with one remote) is displayed, refer to: How to setup the IR Blaster to control the TV and a set-top box during the Initial Setup process.
      Not all regions can use the IR Blaster. For supported regions, refer to Applicable Countries/Regions in the link.

    17. If you select Start in Do you want to start Satellite Auto Tuning? screen, A new screen Select the broadcaster type to automatically search for services will appear. Connect your TV cable before you choose the broadcast type for channel search, and choose one of the following:

      • Digital and Analogue
      • Digital
      • Analogue
      • Skip

    18. After choosing your broadcast type, you need to optimize your sound system. Specify how your TV is positioned and choose either Table-Top Stand or Wall Mount.

    19. Finally, decide whether you want to enable Remote start, a function that allows an external device to power on your device. Select either On or Off.

    20. Your TV should now be ready. Select Complete on the Setup completed! screen to continue to the HOME menu.


      • Depending on the OS version of your Android TV, the TV introduction (tutorial) screen may be displayed. The screens below are from Android 8.0. Press the right arrow button on the remote control to proceed, select Done on the last screen, and press the ENTER  button.
      • Do not unplug the power cord (mains lead) during the tutorial screen is displayed.
    21. You will then be taken to the Android TV Home screen.