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Troubleshooting a Google TV™ or Android TV™: What are the benefits of restarting the TV and software updates? / Issues with the sound and screen

    If an unexpected symptom or those listed below appear while using your TV, the following procedure may help to improve the situation.


    • Abnormal image, no picture, or no sound for a TV channel or external device
    • No sound or distorted sound, unwanted noise, or interrupted sound when playing video or audio
    • Video, pictures, or thumbnails do not display properly, or display a black screen
    • USB playback, Throw, or Screen Mirroring do not work
    • The application does not operate correctly


    1. Restart the TV.
      Note: For more details, refer to the How to restart (reset) a Google TV/Android TV? article.

    2. Remove any peripheral devices connected to the TV.

    3. Turn off the TV and remove the power cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet. Wait approximately 2 minutes, and then plug the power cord back into the wall outlet and turn on the TV.


      • For Google TV except for X74K, X75K, X91J Series (85), and W8xxK series, the following alternative method has the same effect: On the TV, press the POWER button for about 40 seconds, or until the TV turns off. 
      • If your BRAVIA TV is connect to an external HDD, remove it and try again.
      • Leaving the TV with the power cord (mains lead) disconnected from the wall outlet allows any electricity that remains in the TV to be discharged. As a result, unnecessary data and error information in the memory will be cleared and allow you to use the TV again normally.
    4. When the screen becomes black or the image is not displayed correctly in the HDMI/MHL connection, try the following methods to improve it:
      Note: Your TV may not be compatible with an MHL connection. For details on your TV's specifications, refer to the manual.

      • Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI/MHL cable.
      • Disconnect and reconnect the power cord (mains lead) of the connected device, or reboot the device.
    5. If you experience an abnormal image or sound, reset the picture or sound settings:

      Picture setting

      Sound setting

    6. Software Update is an update program that adds new features and fixes bugs. We recommend that you connect the BRAVIA TV to the Internet, and set the automatic software update option to On.
      For more details, refer to the How to perform a software update article.