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Try the following

    1. To check whether it's a TV issue or not, confirm picture quality by checking other sources or perform picture test.

      How to perform picture test

      • Android TV™/Google TV™: Refer to the following article: How can I test the picture and sound quality of my Television?

      • Other than Android TV/Google TV: Follow these steps. If the steps are not applicable, refer to your product Manual.
        1. On the remote control, press the HOME button.
        2. Select Customer Support under System Settings.
        3. Select View Test Picture under Picture Check.
    2. Depending on the results, check the following:

        1. If image quality is good, there is no issue with the TV. The issue is occurring most likely because of the quality of the content or connectivity. You may try to improve the image quality by adjusting the Picture mode, Sharpness, and Resolution settings.

          Notes on content quality or connectivity:
          If your TV is high definition, request a high-definition cable or satellite set-top box from your service provider. For best picture quality, set your cable or satellite set-top box to 1080i fixed. The type of connection from your set-top box determines the quality of the picture. For best picture quality, request a set-top box with an HDMI connection. The second best choice is Component video.
          The broadcaster controls the quality of the program. Some programs are broadcast in high definition (HD), while other programs are broadcast in standard definition (SD), even on HD stations. SD content on HD channels does not create an HD picture. The quality of the picture also depends on the type of camera used when the original recording was made.

        2. If image quality is also not good, try to adjust the picture settings such as Picture mode, Sharpness and Resolution to see if situation improves.

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