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How to connect an internet capable device to a Network using a wireless bridge.

    NOTE: Not all Blu-ray Disc players or TVs have internet capabilities. To see if your device has the functions discussed in this solution, check the specifications or the supplied operations manual.

    Follow the steps below to set connect a wireless bridge.

    1. Using a computer or tablet, verify that the Nework connection is set up and actve.
      NOTE: Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for instructions on how to set up the network and activating the modem.

    2. Determine if your wireless connection is already set up and working with other devices on your network (computer, tablet, etc.)
      1. If other devices do not work wirelessly, either refer to your ISP or router manufacturer for instructions on enabling and setting up wireless access or you will need two bridge devices.  As shown in the image below, one for the device and one for your router.
        Two Bridge devices 
      2. If your router already has wireless capability then you only need one bridge device.
        Single bridge device
      3. Connect your wireless bridge to your computer to perform the initial configuration with your home network.  This step will vary depending on the brand and model of bridge device being used. Refer to the help guide or contact the manufacture of the bridge device for assistance.
      4. Once the configuration of the bridge is complete, perform a wired set up from the menu of the Blu-ray Disc player, TV or Network media player.
        1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME or MENU button.
        2. Select Settings.
        3. Select Network.
        4. Select Network Setup.
        5. Follow the steps to set up a wired internet connection.