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How to use Chromecast built-in (Google Cast) on an Android™ device or iOS mobile device.


    • The Chromecast-enabled (Google Cast-enabled) app of the TV and the mobile device must be running the latest version.
    • The Chromecast built-in function works if the Android device has the Android 2.3 version or later, and iOS 7.0 version or later for an Apple iOS mobile device.
    • Casting from the Google Chrome Internet browser on a mobile device is not supported.
    • To know more about Chromecast built-in, you can visit the Official Chromecast built-in web site.

    Follow the steps below when casting photos, videos, games, or websites from a Chromecast-enabled app or an Apple iOS mobile device to the Android TV™/Google TV™.

    1. The TV and the mobile device must be connected to the same network.
    2. Launch the Chromecast-enabled app on the mobile device.
    3. On the app screen, tap the Chromecast built-in icon.

    4. Select the TV model.
    5. Tap Play to start playback.

      Example screen of the Chromecast-enabled app

      • After tapping Play, the video from the app will now start playing on the TV screen.
      • The Chromecast-enabled app shown in this example is the YouTube™ app.