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What types of USB HDDs are compatible with my TV (other than Android TV)?

Supported USB hard disk drives

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products. Check the Applicable Products of this article.

    USB HDDs that can be used with BRAVIA TVs must meet the following conditions. However, Sony does not guarantee that they will operate. Use them at your own risk.

    • Supported file systems and maximum drive sizes
      File system before connectingSupportMax hard disk drive size
      FAT16Not supported-
      FAT32*Supported2 TB
      eXFATSupported16 TB
      NTFSSupported16 TB
      * The maximum size per file in a USB HDD is limited to 4 GB.
    • RPM: No condition
    • Read/Write speed: No condition
    • USB Interface/Version: USB 2.0
    • USB HDD Power: AC Power supplied USB HDD is recommended.
    • The maximum output current of the TV USB port: 500 mA
      Use an external USB HDD that requires a maximum of 500 mA. If it exceeds this power requirement, the TV may not be able to supply the necessary power for proper operation.

    NOTE: To record to an external USB HDD device, it should be connected to the USB port for recording via a USB cable. (Only applicable for some models for Australia and New Zealand that support USB HDD recording)

    Terminals and labels may vary depending on country/region/TV model.