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App icons such as YouTube™ are not displayed on the TV screen.

Internet TV services are missing or disappeared from my list.


    Certain 2011-2013 TV models may no longer support access to YouTube and Netflix Apps due to service termination or technical limitations. We recommend checking our announcements to determine if your TV model is affected.

    1. Notice for Sony product owners: Termination of YouTube App on certain television, video and audio products
    2. Notice for Sony product owners: Termination of YouTube service availability affecting 2012 BRAVIA TVs

    If your TV is not in the affected list, you may proceed with the troubleshooting steps below according to the symptom.

    The internet TV streaming services found on your TV may have changed or require you to perform a Refresh Internet Content procedure.

    Before you start

    Make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet. If your Internet connection has a problem, app icons may disappear. Refer to The BRAVIA TV cannot be connected to the internet. article to diagnose connection issues.

    Refresh Internet Content:

    Note: For Google TV™ and Android TV™ models, skip this step because they do not have a Refresh Internet Content option.

    App icons may disappear just after purchase, a TV reset, or if a new service content update is installed.

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select System Settings.
      Note: For the models released in and before 2014, skip steps 3 and 4.
    4. Select Set-up.
    5. Select Network.
    6. Select Refresh Internet Content.

    Additional troubleshooting steps:

    If your issue continues, try these additional steps. After each step, see if the issue is resolved before trying the next step.

    1. Reset your modem and router:
      1. Turn off and disconnect power from the devices for 30 seconds or more.
      2. Reconnect and then turn on the devices to re-establish your internet connection.
      3. Perform the Refresh Internet Content procedure again.
        Note: For Android TVs and Google TVs, skip this step.
    2. Perform a power reset:
    3. Perform a software update to obtain the latest software:
      • The channel line-up, apps, or available stations on an Internet video device may unexpectedly change. To avoid issues in which available channels are being skipped, make sure that the latest system software (firmware) update has been installed.
      • If the latest software is already installed, No updates available or The Most current update is being used will appear.
    4. Reset the TV to the original factory settings:
      App icons may disappear when the TV is suffering a glitch. Perform a factory reset and initialize the settings:
    • For TVs other than Google TV or Android TV models: If the TV displays an error code, additional troubleshooting steps may be required.
    • For all TV models: Another reason that an Internet video app may disappear or be removed from the menu is if the internet settings change. The internet setting may change for the following reasons:
      • The TV is being used in a different country or region from where it was purchased. Internet video apps are region-based and may not work in different countries or regions.
      • The network settings, such as the Internet Protocol (IP), can be changed by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). In this case, it may be necessary to reset the network equipment and redo the network setup from the TV menu.
      • The ISP was replaced or changed. Even if the network hardware stays the same, it may be necessary to reset the network equipment and redo the network setup from the TV menu.