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How to link a Netflix membership from the Internet video device.

    IMPORTANT: Prior to following the steps in this solution, make sure that the latest system software update has been installed on the device. Software updates are available from the Settings section of the menu.

    1. Press the Home button.
    2. Select the Internet Content or Videos.
    3. Select Netflix.
    4. Using the left arrow select Member sign in.


      • Not all Internet video devices are able to link a Netflix account without the use of a computer. If a Registration Code screen appears after selecting Netflix, a computer will be required to link the Netflix account .
      • If you do not have a Netflix membership, use a computer to go to the Netflix website and create an account prior to following the steps below.
    5. Enter your Email and Password.


      • If the email address has a capital letter, select the Arrow Up icon on the lower right hand corner of the keypad before entering the letter that needs to be capitalized.
      • If the email address needs special characters, select the special characters icon from the on screen keypad.
      • To erase the letter, press the x icon on the keypad. You may also use the left arrow or right arrow on the keybad to select the letter that you need to erase then select the x button.
    6. Select Continue.