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Firmware update is not available through the TV network.

    If a firmware update has been confirmed on the Sony support pages but it is not visible through your TV, the first step is to confirm the network connection status of your Internet compatible TV. 

    Select Home from your remote control and then proceed by selecting Settings > Network > Network Set-Up > View Network Settings and Status > Check Connections > Yes.

    You should get "OK" or "Found" to the 3 items displayed. Otherwise, please proceed to network set-up to connect your TV to the Internet or perform a troubleshooting why your TV cannot connect to Internet.

    Network settings

    When your TV is properly connected to the network, try the software update again. If a message saying "New software version is not detected" is displayed, then no new firmware is available yet. Please try again later.

    If you're still experiencing an error message, we advise you to begin a Factory Reset on your machine, and then proceed to install the latest firmware version via USB stick.