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Voice Commands do not work on my remote control.

Does the included remote support voice recognition?

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article before starting these steps.

    Before you start

    Prior to performing further troubleshooting steps, confirm whether the remote control has a Microphone  button or mark. Remote controls that support voice recognition will have that button or mark.

    • The location of the Microphone  button or mark on the remote control varies depending on the region and the model. Refer to the manual for details.
    • If the Microphone  button/voice command function does not work on your Voice command remote control after updating the TV or after you replace your Voice command remote control, refer to the How to pair or re-pair your wireless or Voice command remote control to your Google TV™ or Android TV™ article.
    • For Google TV™ models: If the TV is set up as a basic TV, voice recognition via remote control does not work. The TV must be set up as a Google TV.

    For TVs that do not come with a remote control as shown above, you can use one of these two alternatives to the voice recognition function of the TV.

    1. Use a software keyboard.
    2. Use the Google TV application on your mobile device or tablet.
      Note: In this case, it is necessary to connect your smartphone or tablet to the same network as the TV.

      For details about OS versions that support Google TV, refer to the appropriate page:

    Troubleshooting steps

    If voice recognition does not work, even when you use a remote control that supports the voice recognition function, check the following items.

    1. For models that have Voice control settings, make sure the Voice control function is turned On.

    2. Make sure that your TV can connect to the Internet.

    3. Pair your remote control to your Android TV or Google TV before it will work.

    4. Speak into the microphone built into the top portion of the remote control in one of the following ways:

    5. Check if the circumstance that can use voice recognition.

    6. Remove and then re-insert the remote control batteries.

    7. Updating the software of the remote control.

    8. Perform a reset to your Android TV or Google TV.