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Error: Cannot Connect to Netflix

    This solution is designed to assist when any of the following errors appear when trying to use the Netflix app:

    • Cannot Connect to Netflix
    • Cannot reach
    • Netflix is Not Available
    • Netflix is Unavailable
    • Unable to Connect to Netflix
    • Android Error: Connection Failed
    • The service can not be accessed at this time because server replied with an incorrect or invalid information

    There are three items to check when any of these errors appear:

    • The Internet device being used
    • The Network
    • The Netflix service

    Troubleshooting the device:

    Check if you can access other Internet video applications (such as the YouTube app or the Crackle app). If the videos from other apps play properly, it is possible that Netflix app is performing a routine maintenance or performing a system update. During this time, it may not be possible to stream movies or TV shows from the Netflix service. In most cases, the down time for maintenance and system updates does not take too long. However, it is recommended to try again at a later time.

    • Follow these steps if using an Internet video enabled TV, Blu-ray Disc player, home theater system, or a streaming player.
      1. Unplug the power cord for your Internet video device, then plug it back in.
      2. Disconnect  the Netflix account from the device and reconnect to Netflix.
      3. Form the Settings menu of the Internet video device, perform a Network test. Refer to the manual of the Internet video device, for model-specific information regarding how to test the Network connection.
      4. Check the date and time settings on your Internet video device.
      5. Follow these additional information if using a Google TV device. If you do not have a Google TV device and the issue persists, skip these steps and troubleshoot the network connection. Force closing the Netflix application may resolve this issue on NSX and NSZ Sony Internet TV models.
    1. On the keypad remote control, press the Fn+1 buttons at the same time to display the Settings menu.


    2. Press the down arrow button to select Applications.
    3. Press the ENTER button.
    4. Press the down arrow button to select Manage applications.
    5. Press the ENTER button.
    6. Press the down arrow button to select Netflix application.
    7. Press the ENTER button to select Force stop.
    8. Press the ENTER button to select OK.
    9. Press the down arrow button to select Clear data.
    10. Press the ENTER button.
    11. Press the ENTER button to select OK.
    12. Turn off the Internet TV device for 15 seconds.
    13. Turn on the Internet TV device.
    • Follow these steps if using a Sony tablet:
      1. Make sure that the tablet is connected to an active Internet connection. The best way to test this is by opening another Internet connected application or an app store on the tablet. If other services also fail to connect, you will need to re-establish the Internet connection.
      2. If the tablet is connected to the Internet and you are still getting the error, turn your tablet completely off, then turn it back on.

    Troubleshooting the Network connection:

    NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check to see if Netflix works after completing each step.

    1. Internet streaming requires a stable, high speed Internet connection and consumes a large amount of bandwidth. If you are at work or on a public network, check with the Network administrator or Internet service provider (ISP) to make sure that video streaming is supported.
    2. Power cycle the Network by turning off and unplugging the following device for 30 seconds.
      • Internet video device
      • Internet Modem
      • Internet router
    3. Reconnect and turn on the modem.
    4. Once the modem indicates that a connection has been established, connect and turn on the router.
    5. Once the router is on and connected, connect and turn on the Internet video device.
    6. Improve the signal strength of the wireless signal. Walls, and other electronic device or wireless Networks in the range of your router will interfere with the wireless signal of the router. To resolve this turn off or disconnect other wireless devices and move the router closer to your Internet video device.
    7. Bypass the router. This is done by connecting the modem to the Internet video device using an Ethernet cable.

      NOTE: This step can be skipped if using a Sony tablet because it does not have an Ethernet port or LAN connection.

    Troubleshooting Netflix:

    In some cases the Netflix service may be down due to an outage or for maintenance. Netflix outage notifications and updates are posted on the Netflix Twitter page and the Netflix watch instantly home page.

    If you have followed all of the troubleshooting above and the error does not go away, it may be possible to resolve the issue by manually changing the Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to in the Network Setup of the Sony product.

    NOTE: The DNS servers above are public servers provided by Google. Both are subject to the Google Terms of Service.