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Solutions for accessing YouTube - WiFi Direct, One-touch mirroring / Screen mirroring, Throw, Remote Play

    As of the 20th of April 2015, Google's YouTube app will no longer be supported on certain Sony products. You can find out more via this official statement from Google.

    Regrettably we are unable to offer a solution for this termination of service on the affected models themselves. However, there are still plenty of ways for you to enjoy watching YouTube.

    Below are a few different methods/solutions you could use to access YouTube. Please select the relevant FAQ that is supported by your current device from the list of options below:

    HDMI support for computers
    Can't connect the laptop to the Sony TV with HDMI
     PC connection
    Wi-Fi Direct - General FAQ

    Wi-Fi Direct for Android: Smartphone and tablet devices
    How to connect to a TV using an Android device with the Wi-Fi Direct feature.

    Wi-Fi Direct for iOS: iPhone and iPad
    How to use the Wi-Fi Direct feature on the TV with an iPhone mobile device.

    Wi-Fi Direct for Windows PC
    How can I play content from my computer on my television?

    How to connect TV and computer via Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) KEY?
    How to connect TV and computer via Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) PBC?

    One-touch mirroring / Screen mirroring for Android: Smartphone and tablet devices
    What is Screen Mirroring?

    What is one-touch mirroring?
    How to use one-touch mirroring.
    How to playback the content stored in my Xperia smartphone on the TV screen.

     Screen mirroring

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