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Several vertical lines appear on the sides of the screen when viewing 3D content.

Lines on screen when in 3D mode

    Follow these steps if vertical lines or stripes appear when watching a 3D movie or program:

    1. Change the 3D Depth Adjustment setting in the menu of the TV from Auto to Fixed mode.
      1. Press the Home button.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select Picture & Display
      4. Select 3D Setting.
      5. Select 3D Depth Adjustments.
      6. Select Fixed.
    2. After selecting the Fixed mode, manually adjust the 3D Depth Adjusting setting. Select a setting between -2 to +2 that is best suited for the content being watched and the viewing environment. You should try each setting until you find one that is best.

      NOTE: It may be necessary to change this setting when the viewing conditions change.