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Adjusting the Picture settings on a Google TV™

    IMPORTANT: This article applies to Google TV. For Android TV™ models, refer to the Adjusting the Picture setting on my Android TV article. For other BRAVIA TVs, refer to the Adjusting the Picture setting on my LCD TV article.

    Picture settings allow a wide array of changes to color, contrast, motion settings, and brightness that can improve the viewed content on your TV. Settings are adjustable for the types of content viewed such as streaming video, DVD/Blu-ray Disc, USB drive, and composite/component video content.


    • A brief description of each item is displayed on the picture setting screen of your TV. Using this article as supplementary information, you can easily change the settings.
    • You can adjust the picture settings while watching the actual TV screen.
    • When Auto Picture Mode is set to On, the Picture mode will change automatically according to the content, so you may notice the brightness or saturation settings have changed suddenly. If you do not like the settings to change automatically, turn this setting Off.
    • If you continue to have picture or screen issues, refer to the How to troubleshoot TV picture and screen issues article.
    • For a step by step walkthrough on how to perform picture settings on your Google TV, please refer to our Google TV Interactive Guide

    To access the settings, on the remote control, press the (Quick Settings) button, then select Display & Sound Picture — the desired option.

    Click the item you want to change and check the details:

    Picture mode

    Change the picture quality according to the content you are watching (groups of automatic settings)

    Auto Picture Mode

    Automatically selects the Picture mode based on the content being viewed

    Light sensor

    Optimizes brightness according to ambient light


    Adjust the backlight to display the brightest whites and deepest blacks


    Adjust the color saturation level and Hue


    Adjust the picture clarity and reduce roughness


    Refines moving images and optimizes picture quality based on video content