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Error: Page is too large to be displayed or memory limitation error appears when using the Internet browser on the TV.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check the Applicable Products and Categories section of this article before starting these steps.

    NOTE: Not all TVs are supplied with an Internet browser. To see if your TV has an Internet browser, check the specifications.  

    These messages are an indication that the webpage being accessed requires too much memory. These message will appear because a TV has less memory and functions when compared to a computer. This means that functions provided by certain Internet services or plug-ins, such as Flash Player and Java applet, are not supported. Unlike many computers, TVs are not designed with the capability to add additional memory.

    If the same content is available from an Internet video app or widget on the TV, we recommend viewing them from there instead of from the Internet browser. Some examples of this are, the Facebook app, and the YouTube app. 

    The browser may freeze or display a white page if a page is too large or contains content that cannot be played by the built-in browser. In this case, we recommend viewing this site on a computer or other Internet capable device.

    Click here if you are getting a different error message or error codes when accessing or updating Internet content.